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2021-23 Honored Child of the Year

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

We are excited to introduce Charlotte Biddle as our Child of the Year. She’s an adorable 4 year old girl that lives with her Grandmother in Tyrone, PA. She experienced a Traumatic Brain Injury that has significantly affected her development. She experiences seizures, is not yet able to walk, talk, and receives her nutrition via a feeding tube. She received therapies through the Tyrone School district twice a week. Those therapies include: Speech and Language, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Vision, and Special Instruction. She receives her services at home because she is not eligible for the Covid vaccine until she turns 5 May 4, 2022. Charlotte enjoys watching Disney movies, listening to music, and playing with toys that light up. She and her Grandmother, Tina, enjoy sitting outside when the weather is warm listening to the birds sing. Charlotte has been a client of Carol Przybocki since she was 6 months old. Carol has helped with obtaining donated wipes, bed pads, and masks. She also provides information and emotional support to Tina. This winter she was able to get Charlotte a coat through the Toasty Toddler program. The Elks Home Service Program continues to play an important role in the care and development of this beautiful little girl and we are grateful for the opportunity to showcase her as our Child of the Year.


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