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2019-20 Honored Child of the Year

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Our Honored 2019/20 Child of the Year is Franco Roldan. Franco is 7 years old and lives with his parents, John and Liezi Roldan and two brothers. Franco has Rubenstein-Taybi Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that can result in developmental delays, cancers, and cardiac defects. Franco was diagnosed with medullablastoma at the age of 3, this brain tumor has been treated with chemotherapy. His most recent MRI showed he was in remission, but he will continue to be monitored for the development of more tumors. He attends Kindergarten at Gilbert Spruance Elementary School where he receives Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy. Franco loves basketball, big cars, music, soft toys, and walking activities. He enjoys watching Youtube on his mom’s phone. Franco’s family has been working with Susan Davis, LPN since April 2018. We are grateful to this family for the opportunity to get to know Franco at the Spring Conference.

Ricki Hood, RN

Special Projects Director


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