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2015-16 Honored Child of the Year

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Every year the Home Service Program honors a child of the year. Our 2015 – 2016 Honored Child of the Year is Ashlynn Wees. Ashlynn is six years old and lives with her parents Kristi and Kevin Wees, and big brother Brandon, in Gibsonia, PA. She attends Kindergarten in the Pine Richland School District. Ashlynn has struggled with health and developmental challenges which have puzzled doctors and specialists. Currently, her doctors suspect these challenges to be caused by mitochondrial disease. At times, Ashlynn has experienced severe neurological, gastrointestinal and behavioral reactions to various food and environmental exposures. Through a caring team of physicians, dedicated parents, and a lot of prayers and healing, Ashlynn is overcoming these challenges each day.

Despite these everyday challenges, Ashlynn loves to ice skate and dance at Tammy’s Dance Studio in Wexford. She loves to dress up in anything pink, sparkly or that makes her feel like a princess. Ashlynn and her family receive home visits from the PA Elks Home Service Program by Margaret Joseph, RN. She has helped the Wees family connect with community resources for connecting with other parents. This was especially important to them since they moved to Pennsylvania from Texas two years ago. In addition, when Ashlynn started Kindergarten, the Elks Home Service Program provided research and information on the process to provide a safe school environment that has allowed Ashlynn to flourish.

Ashlynn and her family are excited to meet everyone at the PA Elks Spring Convention and look forward to continue to spread awareness about the Elks Program and mitochondrial disease.


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